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Welcome to the The Greens at McGregor Links website - the place for the most current and complete information about our neighborhood.
~ Property Manager's Bulletin Board ~
Winter Notice:  NO long term parking on streets within The Greens from November 1 - April 1.  NO parking allowed on streets during snowstorms.  NO parking on streets during snow removal.
News Paper Delivery Nov 1- April 1:  Please remind your carrier that all newspapers are to be placed directly in front of your garage door ONLY.   This is the homeowner's responsibility to notify their carrier.  Lets keep snow removal this season as a top priority!  We don't want a  snow blower getting your newspaper lodged in the blower mechanism.
Winter Maintenance:  Cleveland Bros.  will be in to do snow removal.  This will be determined by weather patterns.  I will keep you informed of snow removal and snow events.
Tree thinning/ trimming/ cutting:  An ongoing process to maintain and beautify The Greens in the Common Area:  Homeowner notification overall, and specific notification to homeowners that are close to work areas.
Grinder Pump Alarm:  If you hear a grinder pump alarm going off, please notify your property manager immediately.  Call Jason Pratt  928-1529.
Battery Replacement:  Please change all batteries in smoke detectors and furnace thermostat on a yearly basis, especially if you are leaving for the winter months.

~ Upcoming Events ~
Garage Sale..Heads up!...Start gathering all your treasures now!
Friday, May 17th to Saturday, May 18th at The Greens
Get ready for a fun weekend of cleaning out all those things you have not used in ages and at the same time enjoying some social time with your neighbors. They may just have something you can't live without!  Perhaps it will be a chance to meet new folks?  More details to follow............

~ News ~
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